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Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics (Mixed media product)


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Lindsay Broomfield

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Many teachers hold the misconception that gymnastics is risky and difficult to teach in primary school settings. But author Lindsay Broomfield, an international gymnastics competitor, senior club coach and gymnastics tutor, lays to rest those misconceptions in Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics. Noting that gymnastics is accessible to all and straightforward to teach, Lindsay provides clear instruction for primary teachers and club coaches?even those with little or no experience?to teach gymnastics skills. In fact, this book and DVD package covers everything a teacher or coach needs to know and deliver. Its progressive approach that builds on the basics also allows for a smooth transition for pupils entering year 7. Both novice and experienced teachers will find this an invaluable resource offering ? step-by-step instruction for teaching gymnastics skills; ? a systematic approach that focuses first on the five basic gymnastics shapes (stretch, tuck, star, straddle and pike) and then applies actions to them; ? a comprehensive source of creative ideas and themes; ? a progressive scheme that builds from year to year; and ? a DVD that shows video clips of all the gymnastics shapes and techniques covered in the book. With the video clips, teachers don't have to worry about being able to perform the shapes and techniques perfectly themselves. They also have access to a complete bank of lesson progressions on the DVD, which covers the entire primary curriculum. Teachers can count on needing less planning time while knowing that the plans are geared to a logical progression scheme and that pupils enjoy the lessons. The DVD also contains an image bank with eye-catching pictures, health and safety guidelines, and set-up diagrams of ..."