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80 Graded Studies for Clarinet Book One (Minkštu viršeliu)


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John Davies

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80 Graded Studies for Clarinet Book One are arranged in order of increasing difficulty, up to early intermediate level, according to carefully planned technical progression (Grades 1-5). 80 Graded Studies for Clarinet, selected and edited by John Davies and Paul Harris, brings together in two books a broad selection of 19th-century study repertory, with studies by Baermann, Berr, Demnitz, Klose, Lazarus, Lefevre, Muler, Rose, Stark, Vanderhagen, and Wiedemann - all virtuosi of their day. Also included are a number of specially composed studies by Paul Harris that introduce aspects of 20th-century style and considerably extend the scope of the selection. Book One contains studies 1-50, with 51-80 in Book Two.  Studies are an established part of every instrumentalist's training. They place technical problems in musical contexts, and can be invaluable aids to development. 80 Graded Studies for Clarinet is a must-have resource for all students and teachers, and the two books feature heavily on the major examination board syllabuses.   **ABRSM selected pieces (Clarinet 2008-2013): Study in F (Demnitz) Study in A minor or Study in F (Demnitz) Csardas (Wiedemann) **Trinity College London selected pieces (Clarinet 2012-2014): Study no.5 or Study no. 9 (Demnitz) Study no. 6 (Harris) Study no. 13 (Demnitz) Study no.15 (Lazarus) Study no.22 or Study no.27 (Demnitz) Study no. 39 (Baermann) Study no. 35 (Demnitz) Study no. 50 (Stark)   **Trinity College London selected pieces (Clarinet 2012-2014): Study no.60 (Harris) Study no.52 (Demnitz) Study no.56 (Lazarus) Study no.64, Romance (Wiedemann) Study no.73 (Baermann) Study no.67 (Harris)